2019 moose draw application and changes now required for a New Brunswick outdoor card, see below…

You can obtain more information on applying for your N.B. Outdoor card and draws here

Note: Once you click on the link, it will take you the the DNR site. Click on “Fish & Wildlife licensing” (found in the middle of the page). Then click on “sign up” (found at the far right side of the page). Then click on the “Non-Resident” box. (found midway on the page). Then click “next”. Then fill out necessary information. Then “next”.  A friendly note to our customers, if you do not wish to apply on your own, we will assist you in obtaining this card.

Fall moose hunt 2017….

After sighting in the 308 and being satisfied with my practice shots, I got to tag my very first moose.  He was a nice meat bull which will provide us with some good eating for the year. Had many opportunities to shoot at some much bigger boys, but we want to keep those for our hunters..  This was a great experience!!!

After two weeks of baiting our moose stations, we are starting to see signs. Although they are a little rugged looking this time of year, I believe the bull will be a nice shooter come September.